2-1/4" Emperor™

2 1/4 Emperor – Like the 2 1/4 Norman, the 2 1/4 Emperor creates a longer, even more elegant line.  The larger brick further reduces the overall wall costs while creating longer lines.  This brick is commonly used on buildings with long stretches of walls.  The 2 1/4 Emperor has another advantage. Slots can be extruded into the face during manufacturing to simulate a false mortar joint.  This creates the appearance of two Modular brick in the wall at the lower cost of the larger Emperor size.  Multiple slots can be added to create different appearing bond patterns.

3-5/8" x 2-1/4" x 15-5/8"

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2 1/4" Emperor™ - Default

2 1/4" Emperor™ L Corner 8x8

2 1/4" Emperor™ Lip Stretcher