8 x 4 x 16 Atlas™

8 x 4 x 16 Atlas™ –  Atlas are a reinforceable structural clay brick cored in such a way as to permit reinforcing steel when the brick is laid in a given bond pattern.  Grout is placed into the brick cells containing reinforcing and the combination of brick, grout and reinforcing act together to resist tension, flexure and shear forces.  Multiple Atlas sizes are available based on structural, fire, durability and aesthetic requirements.


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Available Colors

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8 x 4 x 16 Atlas™ - Default

4x4x8 45 ° Sill

4x4x8 45 ° Sill 4" Bed

8x4x16 Atlas™ 87 Degree Corner

8x4x16 Atlas™ 1 Slot

8x4x16 Atlas™ 1 Slot 3/8" Recess

8x4x16 Atlas™ 272" Radius

8x4x16 Atlas™ 45 Degree Flip Flip

4x4x8 45 Degree Sill

8x4x16 Atlas™ 81 Degree Corner

8x4x16 Atlas™ 93 Degree Corner

8x4x16 Atlas™ 1" Bevel

8 9/16" Atlas™ 45 Dgree Sill

4x4x8 45 Degree Sill 4" Bed

8x4x16 Atlas™ Bullnose

8x4x16 Atlas 1™ Slot Bond Beam

8x4x16 Atlas™ 9 Foot Radius

8x4x16 Atlas™ 98 Degree Corner