How do I insulate an Atlas™ Wall?

Atlas™ brick have special coring called cells that allow them to be reinforced and grouted as required by design. Those cells that are not grouted can be insulated using foam beads, Styrofoam inserts, and poured in expanded insulation. See the Atlas™ Technical Data Brochure for insulative values for various insulations. 

The model energy code requires an R-value of 5.7 for masonry walls for schools, offices and other buildings. When greater resistance to heat loss is desired, an integral pilaster design which consists of two wythes of brick separated by an air space with rigid insulation filling the  air space. This gives a rigid surface on both the exterior and interior wall. When a soft wall (drywall) is desired, rigid insulation is placed on the back of the brick and light gage framing studs are placed behind that to support the drywall. Flashing runs through the brick to the back side of the insulation and up the back of the insulation. Use closed cell extruded polystyrene insulation.