Leeders in Manufacturing

For Interstate Brick and H.C. Muddox, the LEED program is not simply about making a green product, it is about the people, the manufacturing process, and the product all doing their part to care for the future.  Before there was a LEED program, Interstate Brick and H. C. Muddox had been doing their part to care for mother earth and the environment. 

In the early 1970’s, long before it was required, Interstate installed towers and scrubbers to control pollution exiting the exhaust end of the kiln.   We were the first brick company in the nation to effectively install wet scrubbing technology to prevent trace amounts of impurities (that occur naturally in clays) as well as other smog forming by-products of kilning, from entering the air. 

In 1990, as advancements in the process continued, Interstate updated our equipment and controls to further clean the exhaust gasses.  Through our own internal adjustments, Interstate developed a process that has now become an industry standard.  Interstate has established the benchmark for all other brick companies in the United States.  The criterion is set by the EPA and defined as Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) emission rates. 

Our efficiencies in cleaning our exhaust and our commitment to the environment have guided us to ensure that our water meets tertiary standards.  In 2008, Interstate Brick installed a waste water treatment plant to further purify our water.  The filtering process allows us to reuse the water for manufacturing, use it for irrigation, or return it back to our streams and aquifers in a condition better than we retrieved it.  Particles not suitable to remain in the water are removed through a sludging process which is then returned to our clay piles where they become inert in the fired brick.

In addition to the control we have over what we emit to the ecosystem, we believe buildings constructed with brick result in a lower overall impact to the environment when compared to other materials.  After all, brick is well recognized as one of the oldest man-made building materials and is typically designed to last in excess of 100 years (often surviving centuries). 

With our production efficiencies and ability to reuse our own product through recycling, 1 pound of dirt equals one pound of brick

An additional representation of our commitment to responsible manufacturing is shown in our commitment to the LEED program. Interstate Brick/ H.C.Muddox employs the highest number of Accredited Professional’s of any brick manufacturer in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. This allows us to offer direct, professional assistance to architects and contractors designing buildings that have high levels of energy performance resulting in little environmental and economic impact. All of our team members, including the five LEED APs are committed to efficient, cost effective, and longer lasting projects that leave a smaller footprint on the world.