Altas View Project



8 x 4 x 16 Atlas
10 x 4 x 16 Atlas
4" Emperor

Project Type:

2017 UMC Citation Design Award Winner

Alta View Elementary is a 2 story replacement school built on the existing playfields of the former building for Canyons School District. Because of the slope accross the site the building steps in 2 locations, which causes the building to nestle into the site.
​Size of Building:
85,000 Square Feet

Amount of Masonry Used (include all types and number of units):
Structural Brick: 70,500 8x4x16  Atlas in Mocha, Pewter & Platinum.
9,600  10x4x16 Atlas in Mocha, Pewter & Platinum.
Brick Veneer: 45,600 3.5 Emperor (4x4x16) in Pewter & Platinum.
CMU (Block): 14,000 8x8x16

Project completion date: 2017

Explain the project and its unique use of masonry materials and techniques:
There are 3 colors of masonry used throughout the project, both load bearing and veneer; Mocha, Platinum & Pewter.

Metal panel and board formed concrete become the accent exterior materials, which both can been seen in several locations in the interior of the building.

The stepping pattern in the masonry is created by the variation from matte face to scratch face brick, thus allowing it to become very dominate in certain lighting situations and much more subtle in others.

A reversal of the masonry scratch/matte face pattern also causes a subtle change in color from one volume to the other across the elevation.

The masonry outside was brought into the 2 story entry/commons of the elementary, which becomes the only point in the building in which all of the masonry colors, and accent materials, can be seen together.

This intersection of masonry successfully ties the entire color scheme for the building to the user as they walk thru the main entry.

It was a challenge for the mason contractor to make sure that the stepping pattern was maintained.