Hale Center Theatre



4" Norman

Project Type:


Size of Building:
130,000 Square Feet
Amount of Masonry Used (include all types and number of units):
Dimensional cut to size granite and Limestone-13,300 square feet.
Norman Brick blended with three shades - 24,165. This included the high tower radius wall which only used the face of brick to reduce weight in this area.
Arriscraft and Cast stone-4,000 square feet.
Project completion date: 2017
The materials chosen for the exterior facade are said to provide warmth. “The Owners and team have found the materials to do that.” To be able to find 11 acres along the freeway that is more prominent than this site.
Hale Theater’s new home will provide a new theater triple the size of its current space in West Valley City. The theater boost a current state of the art design which includes dimensional cut to size Granite in two selected colors, a Limestone base course, Norman brick-(blend of three shades), Arriscraft manufactured stone, and Arris-precast arches above the window wall system.
The stone design is mechanically fastened back to the field framing which was engineered to support the loads of all the masonry. Each element has stainless steel anchors taking the load of each individual piece of stone. Seismic zoning plays a big part in the final consideration of the anchoring system provided.

Beecher, Walker & Associates
General Contractor
Layton Construction
Masonry Contractor
IMS Masonry
Photo Credit
Dana Sohm - Sohm Photografx