Herriman Town Center



8 x 4 x 16 Atlas
4" Emperor

Project Type:


Both Herriman City Hall and Herriman Towne Center were built for the Herriman community. More than half of the city hall is for public use. Conference rooms, a courtroom, community rooms and lobby spaces allow Herriman residents to enjoy the traditional feel of the building. The structure is a beautiful space for the community to enjoy with interior and exterior cast stone that compliments the adjoining finishes. The structural atlas and brick veneer along with the Arriscraft & cast stone complement each other with a warm inviting color & finish scheme. The building stands as a commitment of permanence to the city of Herriman. City officials requested that the aesthetic of the building reflect the city’s history. They wanted the building to look historical, but be built with contemporary materials. To encapsulate that vision, the project team designed the building to be built with large format brick and natural stone accents with an all-stone pediment to accentuate the two entrances that lead into the central lobby. The building has other historical features such as a heavy, split face stone building base; large, functioning clocks on the pediments; raised front door entrances; large, individual vertical windows; and traditional, metal hip roofs. The Herriman Towne Center phase of the project faced and overcame a lot of design issues. One of the largest issues was figuring out how to successfully install the large heavy cast stone cornices and panels. With the support team of SM Haw and GSBS, IMS Masonry was able to integrate a successful design and installation to hold the heavy loads of the stone. The intricate design of the water feature stone floor was another unique challenge. The 4 different colors and many elevation transitions took much needed craftsmanship and detailing.