Health Product Declaration

The HPD Standard is solely a declaration of product content and direct health hazards associated with exposure to its individual contents. It is not a full assessment of environmental impacts from the life cycle of this product.

Interstate Brick is Green. Furthermore, we are LEEDers in energy and environmental design of brick. Our brick are formed from a minimum of 5% Post Industrial Recycled Content and 10% Post ConsumerRecycled Content – brick not needed for a job are often returned to Interstate Brick where they are resold or crushed and recycled to make new brick. Pallets are reused. 100% of the ores are used in making brick. No waste is taken to the landfill. In addition, most of our brick contain two good faces which reduce waste.

All brick manufactured by Interstate Brick go through additional steps that set Interstate Brick as the Green Standard. Our exhaust gases are scrubbed using wet scrubber technologies that have set the MACT standard for all other brick manufacturing plants. Additionally, the water used to scrub the exhaust gases is filtered through a tertiary process which removes harmful metals from the water which form a clay solid that is added back through the process to make brick. No other brick manufacturer takes this step.

Brick is a recyclable product that can be taken from a site crushed as aggregate for use as construction base material below foundations, slabs and roadways. Crushed, it can also be used as a decorative landscape material reducing the water demand on a site. It can also be returned to the manufacturer as a post-consumer material used as grog in the production of new brick. Cracked brick and deformed brick culled after the complete manufacturing process may be reused by crushing the brick and returning it back to the manufacturing process as post-industrial recycled material. See manufacturer for additional documentation and percentage of recycled content by color.

HC Muddox Health Profile Declaration (PDF) Interstate Brick Health Product Declaration (PDF)